Germaine Thomas (TAS, 2023) Celebrates Seafood

a fisherwoman on a small boat heading towards a sandy beach is holding a fish in each hand
Photo courtesy of Germaine Thomas

As a teacher at Bettye Davis East Anchorage High School, Germaine Thomas (TAS, 2023), teaching and fishing are a natural combination. When school lets out for the summer, she heads out to the water for her other profession: commercial salmon fishing in Prince William Sound. For National Seafood Month, NOAA Fisheries featured Germaine in an article that reveals a family history of fishing and teaching, her experience as a NOAA Teacher at Sea, and how she connects seafood to science in her classroom. Germaine teaches chemistry, oceanography, and marine biology. She and her husband also own a small business called Sunny Cove Salmon.

We’re grateful for the knowledge and perspective that Germaine brings, and appreciate her for representing TASAA so well!