Repurposed Rope Wreaths

Enjoy the holidays with some winter weaving! The NOAA Teacher at Sea Alumni Association got together “virtually” last week to create wreaths from old crabbing lines as part of TASAA NOAA Fellow Denise Harrington’s focus on marine debris. As… [Read more]
An remotely operated underwater vehicle just below the surface of the water.

Oh, the places we ROVe!

By Andrea Schmuttermair, TASAA ROV Education Coordinator Who doesn’t love a good story, especially one about adventure and the unknown? This is a story, a story of adventure, of the unknown. A story with unexpected twists and turns, one that has… [Read more]

Navigating Science with Art

In the last decade, the acronym STEAM — science, technology, engineering, art, and math — has become a popular way of acknowledging that the arts have a vital role in STEM subjects. The arts have long been a way to… [Read more]