Multiple student projects on a table, featuring geometric structures made from sticks and connectors like clay, some with prominent yellow and red nodes, displayed on white sheets of paper.

Building Community, Lasting Connections

One of the pillars of Project ROVe, a marine technology program for educators, is building community and creating a network of support between teachers, students, and experts in the field. From 2022-2024, there have been three program cohorts, totaling 39… [Read more]
Knitted scarf with rows in shades of orange and blue

Stitching the Sky at Sea

by Laura Guertin (TAS, 2014 & 2023) We are surrounded with Earth Science data, some right before our very eyes. In fact, we are able to observe and collect data from our atmosphere easily and without any scientific… [Read more]
Photo of woman displaying repurposed rope wreath against black & white rope background

Repurposed Rope Wreaths

Enjoy the holidays with some winter weaving! The NOAA Teacher at Sea Alumni Association got together “virtually” last week to create wreaths from old crabbing lines as part of TASAA NOAA Fellow Denise Harrington’s focus on marine debris. As… [Read more]