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The Teacher at Sea Alumni Association Book Clubs are a way for educators to connect through regionally relevant non-fiction books. This is a great opportunity for alumni to get to know each other better, engage in timely and intellectual discussions, and explore ways to bring these topics back to their students. Explore the reading lists below from past clubs and consider joining a future club!

Where the Water Goes Book Club

I had a ball and learned a lot. I’m proud of the groovy Wakelet materials we assembled and am delighted to pay the experience forward immediately by sharing the text & topics with my students.

-Jeff Peterson, TAS 2018

Where the Water Goes Book Club

I’m enjoying the book so much and it was such a great pick! A fascinating topic and being new to Colorado myself it’s an invaluable resource on such a pressing topic.

Joanie Le, TAS 2014

What our teachers are saying…

Where the Water Goes Book Club

I enjoyed each and every meeting and all the fantastic resources that everyone shared in the Wakelet, so much intriguing/informative/engaging information there for us to explore.

This was just what I needed this semester, “enrichment” for my own continuing education/lifelong learning about the world and that amazing kind of energy that comes from discussion and exchange with people who enjoy the same.  The conversation every time was nourishment for my book-loving, curious mind. 

-Jennifer McDonald, TAS 2002

Where the Water Goes Book Club

The Pacific Southwest Region book club members took us down the Colorado River by sharing their personal experiences and insights as we read Where the Water Goes by David Owen. I didn’t need to worry about my lack of regional knowledge as everyone offered up great songs, boondoggles, stories, movies, and books to accompany our often serious discussions about the history and fate of the Colorado River.

We used the book as a jumping off point to talk about the many newsworthy Colorado River stories and similar water management issues we are facing around the globe. I left inspired to be just a little more conscious about my water footprint and knowing I was not alone in my efforts.

-Denise Harrington, TAS 2014, 2016

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