MATE Simple Circuits kit materials

Simple Circuits Lab

Complete the Simple Circuits Lab. Upload the following photos/videos in landscape orientation: A photo of your circuit with the LED lit (step 4 in the Simple Circuits Lab) A photo of you testing… [Read more]
PhET circuit construction visual

PhET Simulation Lab

Explore the online circuit simulation. Build your own circuits using the simulation. Explore the PhET Virtual Lab instructions (see button below) Upload a screenshot (landscape orientation) of a working circuit you built. It… [Read more]

Simple Circuits Lab (Optional Meeting)

[marine_cta_bg_sc bg_image="25921" title="Simple Circuits Lab Virtual Hangout" description="Join us as we walk through the MATE Simple Circuits Lab together. Bring your MATE Simple Circuits kit, Simple Circuits lab worksheet and batteries with you to this meeting. When: Wednesday, Feb. 21st… [Read more]