Design and Build OVERVIEW (SANDBOX)

Below is an overview of all the topics in the Pufferfish ROV build. These sections are also… [Read more]

M8R-SIM Challenge

Go to the "Materials" tab and download the M8-R SIM game to your computer (or try out the online beta version).  Watch the video tutorial to learn how to control your ROV.  Try… [Read more]

Underwater Robots and ROV Systems Agenda and Virtual Meeting

Attend the virtual meeting. If you cannot attend, email Andrea in advance and watch the recording that will be posted here… [Read more]

Coat Hanger ROV

For this activity, you will be building your very own ROV. There are step-by-step instructions below and also a few activity sheets in the "Materials" tab. Use any of the resources you like to create your coat hanger… [Read more]