ROV Systems Reading + Discussion

What stood out to you from the reading of Chapter 1… [Read more]

Engineering Design Agenda and Virtual Meeting

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Electricity and Circuits Agenda and Virtual Meeting

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D2 manipulator arm close-up

Robotic Arm Activity

[marine_cta_bg_sc bg_image="25616" title="Robotic Arms" description="Task: You are designing a robotic arm to pick up objects from the seafloor. Using materials around the house, your classroom, and a few items provided in your welcome kits (optional), design your own robotic arm."… [Read more]

Mission Statement

You read the mission statement in your textbook this month (Chapter 2, p. 87). Draft your own ROV project mission statement that you could use with your students at the beginning of your ROV project. Please tell us the age of… [Read more]

M8R-SIM Challenge

The M8-R Sim Challenge Go to the "Materials" tab and download the M8-R SIM game to your computer (or try out the online beta version).  Watch the video tutorial to learn how to control your ROV.  Try it out!… [Read more]

Underwater Robots and ROV Systems Agenda and Virtual Meeting

Attend the virtual meeting. If you cannot attend, email Andrea in advance and watch the recording that will be posted here… [Read more]

Coat Hanger ROV

For this activity, you will be building your very own ROV. There are step-by-step instructions below and also a few activity sheets in the "Materials" tab. Use any of the resources you like to create your coat hanger ROV, or… [Read more]