A "Key" to Alaskan Fish ID

Processing pollock in the wet lab!

In 2015, Cristina Veresan sailed on a Midwater Assessment and Conservation Engineering Program (MACE) research cruise, which was conducting a walleye pollock acoustic trawl survey in the Gulf of Alaska. Learn more about Cristina’s experience aboard the NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson by reading her NOAA Teacher at Sea blogs.

Grade Level: 5-7th grade

Subjects (Focus/Topic): Life Science, Biology –  marine organisms, taxonomic key, field guides,

Average Learning Time: two, 45-minute periods

Description: Students will be able to design a taxonomic key using proper anatomic terms that can be used to identify ten specific Alaskan fish species with 100% accuracy. Students will be able to use a taxonomic key to identify organisms with 100% accuracy.

NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson at sea
Click on this image to learn more about the NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson. Photo credit: NOAA