Fish Lab Scientists

A woman in a NOAA hat and an orange slicker jacket and yellow rubber gloves holds up a jellyfish.

In 2019, Erica Marlaine sailed on a Midwater Assessment and Conservation Engineering Program (MACE) research cruise, which was conducting a walleye pollock acoustic trawl survey in the Gulf of Alaska. Learn more about Erica’s experience aboard the NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson by reading her NOAA Teacher at Sea blogs.

Grade Level: Pre-K through Kindergarten

Subjects (Focus/Topic): Science/Math – biodiversity

Average Learning Time: 2 hours

Description: Students will experience the excitement of examining the contents of a “trawl net” of fish and jellyfish (albeit colorful, laminated, cardboard cut-outs) falling out of a net and landing onto the table before them and use visual discrimination and pre-math skills to sort them into buckets by species and then further sort and order them by size, measure them, and learn the names and details of each species. They will also be introduced to the concept of keeping the ocean clean.

NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson at sea
Click on this image to learn more about the NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson. Photo credit: NOAA