NOAA Teacher at Sea New England Alumni Workshop

The first NOAA Northeast Region Teacher at Sea Alumni Workshop was held on October 22-23, 2011, in Gloucester, MA at NOAA’s Northeast Regional Office. Ten Teacher at Sea alumni from the northeast region attended a two-day professional development workshop in order to strengthen oceanographic content knowledge and build an alumni network in their region. 

Attendees were asked to create posters that explained their Teacher at Sea experience, thus leading to communication and sharing among colleagues. Two Maury Project Instructional modules were taught, and speakers shared topics that demonstrated and imparted: ocean stewardship, ocean content knowledge, and science-driven policies and regulations.

A group of people stand together in a classroom
Lindsay Knippenberg, Caroline Singler, Kathleen Brown, Tiffany Risch, Annmarie Babicki, Rich Coburn, Stacey Klimkosky, Michele Brustolon, Elizabeth Bullock, Beth Lancaster, Jennifer Annetta, Bryan Hirschman