Lynnette Swiger, NOAA Teacher at Sea Alumna, and Dave Withrow, NOAA Scientist, Communicate Through Webinar

NOAA Teacher at Sea hosted a webinar for 25 third graders at Monongah Elementary School in West Virginia on Monday, April 30, 2012. They had the opportunity to learn and ask questions about gray whales from NOAA Fisheries scientist Dave Withrow from Seattle. The students are part of Teacher at Sea alumni Lynnette Swiger’s class. Withrow discussed his experiences from “Operation Breakthrough”, the 1988 whale rescue which inspired the movie Big Miracle.  Lynnette Swiger (TASA 2008), a thirdgrade teacher from West Virginia, was aboard NASA Ship Freedom Star for nine days in July 2008 while NOAA scientists conducted deep water coral reef research in the southern North Atlantic off the coast of Florida. Ms. Swiger is also the first NOAA Teacher at Sea from West Virginia. 

A classroom of children on the right side of a computer screen and another with a man on the left teaching the class.
NOAA Scientist, Dave Withrow during a webinar with Lynette Swiger's class