New England Alumni Attend Spring Workshop in Woods Hole, Massachusetts

A NOAA Northeast Region Teacher at Sea Alumni Workshop was held on May 19-20, 2012, in Woods Hole, MA at NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center and Woods Hole Aquarium. Nine Teacher at Sea alumni from the northeast region attended a two-day professional development workshop in order to strengthen oceanographic content knowledge and build an alumni network in their region.

Alumni gained both physical and marine oceanography content from NOAA scientists and hands-on activities. Content included: shallow ocean currents and drifter pattern tracking; sea turtle conservation, sea turtle research, at-sea sampling and satellite tagging/tracking; and marine mammal and fish passive acoustic research, conservation and management. Information and classroom applications from NOAA’s FishWatch and Ocean Explorer websites were shared, and alumni brought ocean science lessons to present and distribute.

Nine people stand outside in front of a NOAA sign and behind an art sculpture of a whale
(Back row: Kathleen Brown, Tiffany Risch, Annmarie Babicki, Michele Brustolon, Rich Coburn, Shelley Dawicki (NEFSC), Laura Rodriguez Front row: Stacey Klimkosky and Caroline Singler Not pictured: Megan O'Leary)