Deborah H. Campbell Attends Illinois Science Education Conference

Deborah H. Campbell (TAS 2012) represented the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program at the Illinois Science Education Conference (ISEC) on November 1-3. Deborah traveled from Chicago to Springfield, IL to share her experience aboard NOAA Ship Nancy Foster. Her work at the conference helped to teach science teachers and others NOAA’s mission and service to the public, as well as, show NOAA’s impact on science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. 
Deborah shared the NOAA booth with members of the National Weather Service. She said that she met many wonderful people and discovered amazing opportunities for science teachers. “It was an honor representing NOAA’s Teacher at Sea Program.” 
Deborah Campbell, reading and science teacher at Locke Elementary School in Chicago, IL was aboard NOAA Ship Nancy Foster while scientists conducted Ecosystems Monitoring Survey within Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary. 
You can read Deborah’s blogs here. 

A woman and a man stand behind a NOAA Teacher at Sea display table.
Deborah Campbell (left) and Chris Miller, Weather Center Meteorologist, Weather Forecast Office, Lincoln, IL