Cat Fox (TAS 2011) Featured at Local Gallery

During the summer of 2011, high school biology and chemistry teacher, Cat Fox from Dolores, CO, was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson for 18 days during a fisheries research cruise off the coast of Alaska. Ms. Fox blogged in detail during her experience and created sixteen cartoons called “Adventures in a Blue World” that are embedded within her blogs 

Sideshow Emporium and Gallery, where Ms. Fox lives in Dolores, CO, contacted her and said that they would like to feature her cartoons. Ms. Fox agreed, and all her cartoons were enlarged as prints for an exhibition that occurred on Saturday, December 1.  

Denise McKelvey, a NOAA Fisheries Scientist from the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, attended to answer questions about the science content in the cartoons and offer support. She brought specimens from different fish species that the public had the opportunity to view under a microscope. Jenn Annetta, the Alumni Coordinator for the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program, also attended. Approximately 200 people from the community viewed the science cartoon exhibit.

A woman stands in front of several cartoon drawings hanging on the wall.
Cat Fox in front of one of her 'Adventures in a Blue World' cartoons.