NOAA Teacher at Sea Program Director and Deputy Director Present at Conference in Boston

Partnership professionals, teachers, and scientists from around the world attended the first International Teacher and Scientist Partnership (ITSP) Conference in Boston, MA on February 13-15, 2013. The ITSP conference included sessions for both new and experienced stakeholders in teacher-scientist partnerships and included a mix of keynote speakers, panel sessions, workshops, and networking time.

On Wednesday, February 13, 2013, Jennifer Hammond, Director of the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program, presented at the ITSP conference. She spoke at a Teacher Research Experience (TRE) roundtable discussion along with other TRE leaders. Presentation details are below: 

Title: Tried and True: Lessons Learned Roundtable on Teacher Research Experiences
Imagine being on a ship off the coast of New England as the crew dumps thousands of scallops on the deck, searching the Greenland ice sheet for a remote weather station, or uncovering secrets to past climates as you join an ocean sediment drilling team in Antarctica. This is what hundreds of educators have done when participating in field-based Teacher Research Experience (TRE) programs. In this round table discussion, hear from nationally recognized TRE program leaders about lessons learned and program results.

Jennifer Hammond, NOAA Teacher at Sea Program
Janet Warburton, Artic Research Consortium of the United States
Louise Huffman, ANDRILL 

Jennifer Collins, Consortium for Ocean Leadership
Sharon Cooper, Deep Earth Academy
On Thursday, February 14, 2013, Liz McMahon, Deputy Director of the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program, was introduced by Jennifer Hammond and then shared a presentation on the Teacher at Sea online training system used to prepare teachers going to sea on research vessels. Presentation details are below:

Title: Using Online Training to Prepare Teachers for Research Experiences
Elizabeth McMahon; Jennifer Hammond, NOAA Teacher at Sea Program
In order to maximize the benefits of placing teachers in labs to work with scientists, it is crucial to properly prepare teachers for the experience. This session will explore how NOAA’s Teacher at Sea Program developed an extensive online training course that participants are required to complete before going to sea.

Liz McMahon, NOAA Teacher at Sea Program
Jennifer Hammond, NOAA Teacher at Sea Program 

Side by side photographs of two women.
(L-R) NOAA Teacher at Sea Program Director, Jennifer Hammond and Deputy Director, Liz McMahon