Ellen O’Donnell Presents at New Hampshire Science Teachers Association Conference

Ellen O’Donnell (TAS, 2012) presented at the New Hampshire Science Teachers Association Conference on March 10 and 11, 2013. She talked about the Teacher at Sea Program, her experience at sea, and the project Sisters at Sea. Sisters at Sea is a middle school collaborative research project that was created by Ms. O’Donnell and her sister Laura Rodriguez (TAS, 2010) 

Ms. Rodriguez’s students at Hall Memorial School in Willington, Connecticut and Ms. O’Donnell’s students at Deerfield Community School in Deerfield, New Hampshire collaborated on a variety of research projects using a wiki. The students worked together online during Ellen O’Donnell’s research cruise and incorporated the information she was learning from NOAA scientists. Student research topics ranged from the study of cetaceans to plate tectonics and marine pollution. The students chose their topics and then were placed into groups of students from both schools by shared interest. Students were able to message each other through the wiki and “discuss” their projects.

Ms. O’Donnell’s next stop is in San Antonio, TX for the NSTA conference in April. She was awarded a distinguished teacher award from NSTA. Congratulations!

Two women stand in front of a sign that says "Sisters at Sea".
Ellen O'Donnell (left) with her sister, Laura Rodriguez (right)