Stacey Jambura (TAS 2012) Creates Sargassum Hide-n-Seek Lesson Plan

See how Stacey Jambura (TAS 2012) brings her experience aboard NOAA ship Oregon II back to her classroom by going to the Sargassum Hide-n-Seek lesson plan. Although Ms. Jambura lives in Iowa, she was able to bring the Gulf of Mexico to her students by teaching them about marine research sampling. Through a hands-on simulated research survey of surface-dwelling marine organisms that rely on sargassum as a habitat, Ms. Jambura recreated a day during her research cruise when she used a Neuston net to collect marine organism samples living in sargassum. Check out her Sargassum, Sargassum, Sargassum blog to see where her lesson, “Sargassum Hide-n-Seek”, idea originated. 

A woman stands at the bow of a ship.
At the bow of the Oregon II Photo Courtesy of: Junie Cassone