Staci DeSchryver (TAS 2011) Shares Ocean Acidification Unit Plan

Staci DeSchryver (TAS 2011), an earth science teacher at Cherokee Trail High School in Aurora, CO was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson while scientists conducted Fisheries research off the coast of Alaska.
Below Basic: Ocean Acidification and Its Impacts on Marine Organisms
By: Staci DeSchryver
Grade Level: 9-12 

Subject (Focus/Topic): This lesson addresses the impacts that ocean acidification has on marine organisms, particularly those with calcium carbonate (CaCO3) shells.

Lesson Summary (Overview/Purpose): Students will demonstrate how CaCO3 forms protective shells for marine organisms, how CO2 enters the ocean and impacts pH, and why CO2 can remain in solution easily in the ocean, what happens when the balance of CO2 is disrupted in the ocean, how it impacts Calcium Carbonate fixing organisms such as pteropods, and predict how this impacts the global food web.

You can read Ms. DeSchryver’s complete unit plan here.

A woman is kneeling by rocks and looking off into the distance.
Staci DeSchryver in Kodiak, AK