Susie Hill, (TAS,2007) Visits NOAA Headquarters in Norfolk, VA with her Explore the Bay Campers

Susie Hill (2007), Nauticus Education Specialist and NOAA Teacher at Sea ’07, and her “Explore the Bay” Summer Campers had the field trip of a lifetime at the NOAA Headquarters in Norfolk, VA on August 6, 2013. The six campers, ages 10-13, spent the day with NOAA Corps Officers LCDR Denise Gruccio and ENS Charles Wisotzkey touring the NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson where they saw spaces such as the Charting Room, Galley, Damage Control Locker Equipment Room, and Navigation Bridge.  

They also had the opportunity to learn about ocean bathymetry with NOAA Physical Scientist, Ms. Tyanne Faulkes, demonstrated the processes of sidescan and multibeam sonar mapping.

Student campers stand in front of the NOAA ship Thomas Jefferson.
Explore the Bay Campers in front of NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson