Fishing for Information Lesson Plan: How Can Datasets Help Answer Scientific Questions

Britta Culbertson (TAS 2013) was aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson during a Walleye Pollock survey in September 2013. Her high school level lesson plan “Fishing for Information” has students examine large NOAA fisheries datasets and develop research questions based on the data. Students analyze the data and create graphical or other mathematical representations, and develop a conclusion based on the evidence they’ve discovered. They then research the species on which they’re focusing and state any relevant regulations and prior research applicable to the organism. 
You can find Britta’s lesson “Fishing for Information” here.   

A woman stands holding a fish with a man in the background looking at other fish on a conveyor.
Britta Culbertson (TAS, 2013) aboard the Oscar Dyson