Two Endangered Smalltooth Sawfish Named After TAS Alumni

Dr. John Carlson, NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center research fishery biologist, and his team traveled to Andros, Bahamas in March 2014 to locate, tag and track one of the most endangered marine fish, the smalltooth sawfish. Elizabeth Eubanks (TAS 2007), Tammy Orilio (TAS 2011) and their students followed Dr. Carlson’s expedition through twitter @NOAAFish_SERO and learned about sawfish in class. Three smalltooth sawfish were found on the expedition. The first one was named Blair and the other two were named Elizabeth and Tammy after TAS alumni! 
On May 15, 2014, Dr. Carlson skyped Ms. Eubank’s classes from Pope John Paul II High School and St. Mark Catholic School in Florida. He discussed his recent sawfish expedition and other areas of research. Students were able to ask questions and interact with Dr. Carlson live! 

Three people standing in the water holding a smalltooth sawfish.
Dr. John Carlson (r) and members of his team with 10 ft smalltooth sawfish. Photo courtesy of NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center