Steven Frantz (TAS, 2012) Makes Learning About Sharks Fun!

Steven Frantz (TAS, 2012) was aboard NOAA ship Oregon II’s 300th fishery and living marine resource missions during a shark longline survey in July 2012. During this research mission, Mr. Frantz learned about a variety of sharks and one of the many ways he chose to share what he experienced was to create a shark card game. By playing the card game students learn about different species of sharks – what they look like, their scientific names, teeth shape and size. They also learn about the NOAA scientists and crew aboard NOAA ships. Mr. Frantz had the idea of creating the cards but needed some talented illustrators to make the cards a reality. He asked two of his science students, Mai Lor and Norn Htaw, to illustrate the cards and they gladly accepted the opportunity. You can view the shark card lesson plan here. 

From August 3-8, 2014, Mai and Norn and their team, the Akron Globe Girls, led by their advisor, Steven Frantz, will represent Roswell Kent Middle School at the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Learning Expeditions (GLE) in New Delhi, India. They are one of five teams in the United States to be invited to this international science competition. Congratulations!

A ten of clubs card with a drawn shark.
An example of one of the shark cards. Illustrators: Mai Lor and Norn Htaw