Celebrate National Seafood Month With a Crab Boil!

Patty McGinnis (TAS 2013) sailed on R/V Ocean Starr in May, 2013. While at sea, her favorite recipe prepared by Chief Steward, Crystal Nailor, was the Crab Boil. You too can enjoy this recipe! 
Crab Boil 
Recipe courtesy of Crystal Nailor, NOAA R/V Ocean Starr Chief Steward 
   4 bay leaves 
   4 lemons, wedged 
   1 fennel head with green tops roughly chopped 
   4 celery stalks roughly chopped 
   1 TB sugar 
   ½ TB crushed red chili peppers 
   8 green onions 
   10 crab leg clusters (crabs cut in half) 
   Boil all of the ingredients except crab. Add crab, boil for 3 minutes. Chill 
Follow these links to learn more about sustainable seafood choices at NOAA FishWatch and learn more about NOAA Fisheries. 

A plate of food.
Chief Steward, Crystal Nailor's, Crab Boil