National Seafood Month Continues with a Delicious Stuffed Flounder

Sue Cullumber’s (TAS, 2013) favorite recipe while aboard the NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter, was the Stuffed Flounder prepared by Chief Steward, Margaret Coyle. Ms. Coyle has been with NOAA for 8 years and cooking for 25 years!

Stuffed Flounder
Recipe Courtesy of Margaret Coyle, Chief Steward of NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter
   4, 4 oz. flounder filets

   1, 6 oz. can crab meat

   ½ cup to 1 cup fresh white bread crumbs

   2 tablespoons white wine

   ¼ cup each fine diced carrot, celery, onion

   To taste dill weed

   ¼ cup melted butter

   Garnish with parsley and paprika


   Sauté vegetables in butter until soft but not brown

   Add crab meat, bread crumbs and wine. If it is too dry add more wine.

   Mix until the consistency of semi-wet dressing

   Pat fish dry and place a ¼ cup of stuffing on each filet

   Roll filet up and place in a buttered dish

   Drizzle melted butter or olive oil on top of fish, then garnish with parsley and paprika

   Bake in 350-degree oven until fish is done and filling is hot.

   Follow these links to learn more about sustainable seafood choices at NOAA FishWatch and learn more about NOAA Fisheries.

A plate of food.
"Stuffed Flounder, Shrimp Fried Rice and Salad Courtesy of Chief Steward, Margaret Coyle; Photo Credit - Sue Cullumber "