Angela Greene (TAS, 2013) Goes Green by Cleaning Up a Pond Ecosystem

 Angela Greene (TAS 2013) and her middle school students at Tecumseh Middle School in New Carlisle, OH, collect data in a pond ecosystem to determine the overall health of the pond through a series of water quality tests and hands-on data collection. They add their data to larger sets of data, allowing them to compare a pond to a Great Lake or ocean. 

“If a school has a pond, lake or even a creek on campus, it would be beneficial for the teacher to contact the Limno Loan program. This is an education and outreach opportunity that allows classroom teachers to borrow a Hydrolab data sonde for a two-week period. The Hydrolab is a large piece of equipment that houses several probes used for aquatic data collection. The Hydrolab is very easy to deploy in any body of water, and the students can easily record data from a small hand-held computer. The Hydrolab container also provides the teacher with a Secchi disk to assess water clarity,” says Angela.

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A woman stands at the bank of a pond holding a container that gathered water samples. There is a canoe to the right and a pond in the background.
Angela Greene collects data at her middle school pond. Photo Credit: Angela Greene and the Center for Great Lakes Literacy