Chris Monsour Presented With NOAA Teacher at Sea Program Excellence in Science Education Award

Mr. Chris Monsour (TAS 2007) received the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program Excellence in Science Education Award in July 2015. He was presented with the award by the director of the Teacher at Sea Program, Jennifer Hammond, on Tuesday, December 1, 2015, at Columbian High School in Tiffin, Ohio.

Teachers selected for this distinguished award demonstrate their commitment and dedication to science education by:

Educating students and the public by writing engaging and scientifically accurate blog posts while at sea.

Creating quality products that are tested in the classroom: lesson plans and units based on NOAA scientific research and NOAA careers.

Engaging schools and communities about the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program, NOAA policies, scientific research, careers and personal experience as a NOAA Teacher at Sea.

Collaborating with NOAA scientists and crew to enhance marine science curricula through NOAA scientists visits to the classroom, videoconferences, and field trips to NOAA ships and facilities.

Representing NOAA Teacher at Sea and NOAA Education at regional and national education and science conferences.

“Before my research cruise I had never been to the Pacific Ocean. In the course of one month as a NOAA Teacher at Sea, I learned that it holds a lot of secrets. As scientists, we may never know them, but must pursue them. I learned that it’s important to make decisions based on good science and that it’s important to share my adventures with my students. My hope for them is that they’ll be able to gain the same enthusiasm and sense of wonder that I did.” – Mr. Monsour

A group of students and two adults stand together in a library. The teacher is holding an award while some of the students are holding up signs.
L-R NOAA's Teacher at Sea Program Director, Jennifer Hammond, Mr. Monsour's students and Mr. Chris Monsour