NOAA Marine Debris Scientist Visits Elizabeth Bullock’s, (TAS, 2011), Students

On September 22, 2015, Jason Rolfe, NOAA Marine Debris Program Mid-Atlantic and Caribbean Regional Coordinator, visited Elizabeth Bullock’s (TAS 2011) students at Green Acres School in Rockville, MD.  

Students learned how marine debris negatively impacts marine life, ways in which it can be removed and prevented, and how to be good ocean stewards. They participated in a hands-on activity that simulated marine birds attempting to find food hidden by marine debris. Students sorted through small particles of food as though they were birds looking for food on the beach.  

Unfortunately, the students learned that the birds have great difficulty finding food because there is so much plastic in the way. After learning about marine debris, students worked in their science classes to create a bulletin board out of recycled materials to promote reusing, reducing, and recycling. Read more about the NOAA Marine Debris Program. 

Three students at a table are intently looking at small items on plates. There is another table of students in the background.
Ellizabeth Bullock's students at Green Acres School in Rockville, MD doing a marine bird simulation activity.