Andrea Schmuttermair’s Marine Mission

Andrea Schmuttermair (TAS 2012) and her students at Colorado STEM Academy in Westminster, CO addressed the impact of marine issues on inland states during their Problem Based Learning project, Marine Mission. Students learned about marine debris, ocean acidification sustainable seafood, overfishing, aquaculture, and climate change from their teachers and NOAA scientists.  

Special thanks to NOAA Teacher at Sea Alumna and Program Director for the Ocean Climate Program, Diane Stanitski (TAS 2004) for visiting Andrea’s students to teach them about the effects of climate change and El Niño. Students created projects based on marine issues and showed how it impacts their community. In January 2016, they shared their projects with their community at the Denver Downtown Aquarium. Read more here. 

An adult woman stands with a young child holding a Teacher at Sea book. They are standing in a room at a museum that has an underwater mural on one wall and aquariums in the background.
Andrea Schmuttermair with her Marine Mission student at the Denver Downtown Aquarium