Lollie Garay and Anne Marie Wotkyns Author Journal Article about the Importance of Teacher-Scientist Partnerships

Lollie Garay (TAS, 2009) and Anne Marie Wotkyns (TAS, 2010), in addition to being NOAA Teachers at Sea, also participated in the PolarTREC program (Teachers and Researchers Experiencing and Collaborating). In a journal article for Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, Ms. Garay and Ms. Wotkyns wrote about how teachers and researchers work together to enhance student learning based on their experiences with teacher-scientist partnerships.

“Today we know that students learn better when they experience scientific inquiry more personally. Exposure to research can therefore enhance learning about science.”

To read the full article, click here.

A woman dressed in rain gear and gloves is aboard a ship looking at something in her hand.
Lollie Garay (2009) aboard NOAA Ship Hugh R. Sharp
A woman in a pink shirt and rubber gloves with long blonde hair holds up a 2 foot long fish.
Anne Marie Wotkyns (2010) displays a sand-tile fish on the NOAA Ship Pisces.