Jenny Goldner Recognized for Excellence

profile picture of blond woman wearing a green blazer and blouse
Photo courtesy of Jenny Goldner

Jenny Goldner (TAS 2011), a fifth-grade science teacher at Jay Upper Elementary School in Jay, Oklahoma, is one of this year’s Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence Medal honorees.

Excerpt from the article by Sheila Stogsdill from

Continually bringing her enthusiasm to her classroom, Jenny says “I am willing and excited to try anything if it will help a student learn”. Her effect on her students is summed up by former student Gavin Tate: “In Ms. Goldner’s class, I found my love for science. It was her passion that inspired me to dig deeper into the fundamental questions of why things happen the way they do, which is, in my opinion, science. I love participating in lab experiments and collecting data, and it was Ms. Goldner who taught me how to do those things.”

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Jenny has been a long-time supporter of the Alumni Association and assists the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program by reviewing and editing incoming TAS lessons. You may also remember Jenny from the blog she wrote about the Alumni Association’s return to NSTA in March 2023 (read it here).

Congratulations, Jenny, on this statewide recognition of your contributions, and thank you for all the support you’ve provided for NOAA TAS and TASAA!