TASA Beverly Owens Receives Career Award

Teacher at Sea Alum Beverly Owens holding a large check and surrounded by people.

Beverly Owens (bottom, center) is recognized by the Cleveland County Board of Education for her award.

Congratulations to Beverly Owens, TAS, 2013, who is a 2019 recipient of the Burroughs Wellcome Career Award for Science and Mathematics Teachers (CASMT). She’ll receive a $175,000 grant (over five years) to support professional development activities and equipment for science teachers at her school and across the Cleveland County, NC district.

Beverly’s proposal was based on providing experiential learning opportunities for teachers. She was inspired to create this proposal based on her own field experiences, such as Teacher at Sea. She said, “These types of experiences provide an increase in content knowledge, interaction with field-based experts, and real-world connections that can be passed on to students.”

The CASMT is given to outstanding science and/or math teachers in NC. The purpose of this award is to recognize teachers who’ve demonstrated solid knowledge of science and/or math content, and have excellent performance records. It also offers schools the opportunity to develop teachers as leaders.